Allergy Info

Keeping our customers happy and healthy at the same time while they indulge in our array of deserts is a challenge we take seriously. Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to provide our customers and clients with as much information as possible so that everyone can enjoy a particular chosen dessert knowing exactly what ingredients have gone into making it. We are committed to creating treats that are not only great tasting but have a good nutritional base too.

We realise that food allergies are a very real and serious matter and most people have some form of aversion to certain foods at different times of their lives. With this realization comes the conscious effort on our part to create information that is both helpful and vital to people with these aversions.

Here are some of the reasons why we take our labelling and content information so seriously:

  • We are aware that without proper content labelling, our customers may inadvertently purchase and consume items that contain ingredients, which would adversely affect them.
  • We do not want to find ourselves in a position where a mass recall of products has to be exercised due to an unfortunate negative incident.
  • Besides probable fines and other legal actions, the bad publicity from such negative scenarios would not be easy to recover from.

With the above in mind and with our customer’s and client’s best interest at the focal point of our business endeavor, we ensure all our products have a clear breakdown available if and when the need for such information arises.
There is adequate nutritional information available and we encourage those interested to view and learn all about what our items are made of. We also clearly advise customers and clients about the probability of our products containing ingredients that are categorised as allergens. These would encompass ingredients such as milk, peanuts, nuts, wheat, and soy just to name a few.

We are conscientious about keeping up with advancements in legislations and policy issues regarding food allergies and make active efforts in various ways to ensure our products stay within the stipulated guidelines. We have teams working to ensure all our products are created with food allergy guidelines strictly adhered to. Whenever possible we try to find a suitable and safe alternative so that our items stay nutritionally beneficial.

Although we do strive to provide as much information as possible on our ingredients, we also take the precaution of stipulating that ingredient substitutions are probably and likely to happen, based on the location of the particular business outlet. Meaning any foreign franchisee may substitute a local ingredient for one of our normally used one. This particular inclusion is necessary, as some variations may indeed contain allergens that are not suitable to everyone, thus by this means of alerting customers, it is possible to avoid any unpleasant or unfortunate incidences.

By following the Allergen Management and Labelling Guide closely we are able to ensure all legal requirements are adhered to at all times.